The Witches’ Rede: Alight


Jewel E. Leonard


Maeve MacKenna is an Irish immigrant just trying to make a normal life for herself in the Arizona Territory, but she’s not exactly what she seems. When a mysterious man walks into her world, her secrets mix with his for an exciting, steamy adventure into the Arizona Territory. Leonard expertly brings a beautiful historical world of magic and steampunk to life with fantastic characters, exciting adventure, and steamy romance.

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Tales of Sunshine Series


Jewel E. Leonard

After her divorce, Rhea decides to be bold and take the train from California to Chicago. It turns into a life changing adventure where she meets the mysterious Surfer Boy and allows herself to free everything she had been suppressing. When she arrives in Chicago, life doesn’t turn out as expected. Meeting old friends and new, she discovers the thing she always wanted. As always, Leonard brings a fabulous cast to life and bares them body and soul in a steamy romance that feels true to the core.

Tales by Rails for Kindle

Smiles by Trials for Kindle

Rays of Sunshine: Two Novella Paperback