Darkness Falling Series FAQ

What genre is Darkness Falling?

The genre is epic modern fantasy with a dystopian setting and some science-fiction elements.

Why are all three books in the trilogy titled Darkness Falling?

Similar to Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings, it is a single story cut into episodes.  Darkness Falling originated as a single manuscript in three acts which I began writing in 1997 and completed in 2004. It was over 280,000 words long, which is far too long for a single novel. I chose to cut the story into a trilogy, and in doing so I’m also editing and rewriting as needed.

Is the book set on Earth?

No. The story is set on an entirely fictional world that is similar to Earth.

Does the book contain violence?

There is mild violence in book one, and more violence in book two. There is some discussion about abuse although it’s not seen directly. If I rated the book as a film I think it would be PG-13 and if it were a video game I would rate it T for Teen (some violence and adult situations.)

Does the book contain sex or nudity?

There is sex but it is very mild. There is no erotica.

Is this one of those books with a love triangle (such as in The Hunger Games)?

No. You’ll have to read the book to find out more.

When are Book Two and Book Three going to be released?

The revision of Book Two is nearly complete and the estimated release date is June 18, 2016.

I’m hoping to have Book Three ready for early 2017.

Why did you only publish on Amazon?

At this time I felt it was the best option to publish exclusively on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited access. Being a new author, I am hoping Kindle Unlimited will allow people to borrow my book for free without feeling they are taking a risk on a purchase. If I find that Kindle Unlimited is not worth the exclusivity, I will look into publishing in other places as well.

Will you ever publish in paperback?

As of December 2015, Darkness Falling: Soldiers and Slaves is available in paperback.

Why is the Kindle edition $0.99 and the paperback $9.99?

This used to be confusing to me as well. With Kindle I can set the price to $0.99 because it’s digital, the only thing being reproduced is data. The paperback cannot be less than the price of actually producing the book.

Will you ever offer the book for free?

I am planning on having free days in the future. I will announce these days on Twitter and Facebook as well as in this blog.

Will you ever write more stories about this world you have created?

I do have ideas for other stories that take place in the same world. It has a very rich history to work with as well as characters that I adore.

Will you write books outside of the Darkness Falling trilogy?

Yes. I currently have 5 fantasy novels in progress and will continue to write once I complete the trilogy. The first will likely be a fantasy comedy.


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