The reality is, I dislike writing about myself. It’s an interesting irony. I also rarely write anything in the first person, preferring a third person semi-omniscient perspective. I am the creator. God complex? Maybe just a little.

I’ve always been a storyteller. My early memories are filled with my mother explaining to people how imaginative I was and my teachers either supported or lamented my ability to write a good story. Let’s just say English teachers either adored or detested me depending on their methods. My eighth grade typing teacher marked me down regularly. After completing my assignments I would add short stories to the bottom of the page. So much for extra credit.

At thirteen my dream was to become the youngest award winning adult author in history. That didn’t work out.

In 1997 I began a manuscript which would take me on a journey longer than I could have imagined. The first copy was accidentally deleted from my computer when my uncle attempted to fix my hard drive, only the first five chapters remained. This taught me the lesson not only to save your work but save multiple backups. I gave up on writing for two years.

In 2000 I picked up the remaining five chapters and started again. This time I labored away in short bursts until in 2004 I completed editing. I looked into publishing but was discouraged by a lack of funding and support to seek an agent or editor. Again, I gave up on my writing.

In 2008 I began another manuscript. The rough draft has twelve chapters. I dusted off my finished work and presented it to be read. The advice I received was it was far too long and needed a lot of work. Again I put it away.

Eighteen years after my project began the world of publishing has changed. I do not want to see my dreams destroyed by my own inaction. I’m also able to make those cuts and changes that my original manuscript needs. The time is near.

Happily married with three kids and working a full-time job means that writing time looks different than it did when I was younger. What matters is that I’m making the time to give voice to my characters and achieving my goals.


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