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Finding Words

Sometimes in my disorganized organization, it’s better to work on what moves me than try to stick to a plan. This is why I can’t call myself a plotter. Riding the wave of inspiration works better for me than pushing through something that isn’t there.


This past week I dusted off the project that I began last July, before starting work on my Darkness Falling Trilogy. It’s a steampunk-esque type adventure set in a fictional world. Last year I wrote twenty-two thousand words before deciding that making Darkness Falling my first publishing attempt would be a better plan.

The plan remains, but while I’m stewing in the post-launch mindset of Book Two, I’m finding it nice to take a break while Book Three complies mentally. The changes to the story in Darkness Falling have been so great that the road to the end is different than it was in the old draft. Key elements remain, but this makes it like a new project in many ways. Giving myself time to find the words is helpful.

Like a puzzle, the pieces are beginning to fall into place in my mind. It won’t be long now until I’m back to that project. In the meantime, I have both my fantasy comedy and this steampunk story to work on, both of which are to be published in the future.

I hope everyone’s writing adventures are going well and you have fun projects to work on.


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