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The Great Computer Disaster

If there has one thing I’ve learned in writing (and also in gaming) it’s always save your progress.

The first time I learned this lesson was in 1997 when my uncle attempted to fix my computer and accidentally erased my hard drive. I lost all but the first five chapters of Darkness Falling at that point, which I had in print. In gaming I’ve learned that you shouldn’t just have one backup, but multiples. It’s terrible to be winding your way through a difficult RPG to discover that several saves ago you made an error, but now that save is gone and you can’t go back.

Thanks to these experiences, I averted complete disaster on Thursday of this week.

After a long day of work I came home, eager to continue with my editing. My computer tower sits on the floor next to my desk. I bumped my cup, which I’d stupidly placed above the tower, and tried to grab it as approximately twenty ounces of soda spilled into the fan.

My motherboard is fried.

Luckily, earlier that morning I realized I hadn’t made a current backup of the past few days work. I also decided to backup my cover, just in case. Also, I’m lucky that we have an old computer for the kids and I’m sharing with them to complete my publishing process. Although it didn’t work out for me to publish tomorrow I will be done next week.

This weeks PSA: Always backup your work! 

Have you ever had a computer disaster?


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