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Publishing Adventures: Editing and Reformatting

This is my first attempt to publish my work, and that means I have a lot to learn.

With my rewrite complete I’ve began the process of a final edit; combing through each chapter for typos, extra words, punctuation, and awkward sentences. One of my beta readers has also been helpful in this area, without being asked, marking up a printed copy in red. It’s actually not that bad. Being a rewrite some editing has already occurred as I went.

I’ve also began the process of reformatting. This is primarily because I foolishly thought uploading to Amazon would be a simple affair. Silly me. Technology isn’t as advanced as I assumed.

It’s fine, though, because learning is part of the process. Also, needing to reformat helps me break each chapter into its own project which will prevent me from rushing.

I work with OpenOffice. The tutorials I’ve found online are all for Word. That’s fine, because it’s really not that much different. Instead of working with Normal style you instead work with Default. The changes in removing tabs and creating indents via the style sheets are the same. I have both Sigil and Kindle Previewer on my computer and Writer2epub extension added to my OpenOffice program. I downloaded Calibre but I had to uninstall it for now. I’ll just say we weren’t getting along.

In the end, I have confidence in my ability to complete the task, and once I’m done I can write a tutorial on how to reformat from OpenOffice.

As always, thank you for reading. If you have any tips or tricks for editing and reformatting, feel free to leave a comment.


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