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Writing, Editing, Rewriting, and Publishing Dates

When I began this project of editing my manuscript and cutting it into a trilogy I thought it would be simple. I knew that there would be some editing even though I wasn’t starting with a rough draft. When I put it away in 2004 I considered it “finished” after having worked on it for six years.

Firstly, I needed to rearrange a single book into three parts. This didn’t sound too difficult as it was already arranged that way when I first wrote it. I knew that part one was exactly one hundred pages. That was a good goal to maintain.

Secondly, I knew that there was a lot that needed to be cut. There was a lot of unnecessary but interesting trivia from my world building. Much of the information is things that the characters themselves would not know. Basically, chapter one was a text book of the world’s history mixed in with the action and I had to fix it.

Cutting was quick and painless. The last time I had looked at the document was in 2008. Back then I was still unable to see how much excess the first few chapters contained. Chapter one, for example, was twenty-three pages and over thirteen thousand words. After editing chapter one is now only four pages and just over twenty-six hundred words. I also cut a three page prologue.

That’s a huge change but it doesn’t mean that everything in chapter one was cut. Many pieces were rearranged into smaller chunks. Some of them needed to be reorganized to improve the chronological flow.

What I had not anticipated was how much rewriting was needed.

As I cut things that were unnecessary I’ve had to add things in that were necessary but did not exist. Reorganizing the narrative to improve the pacing and filling in plot holes is part of it. Also, my characters are being given more life and personality.

As you can imagine, my simple project has turned into a lot of work. Because this will be my debut to eBook publishing, I want it to be worthy of the time and energy of my future readers. I’m learning a lot about predicting my publishing date. I know I won’t be done by September 15th. I also know I will be done before November 1st.

With that in mind, I’m going to say my new publishing day is too be announced. It isn’t far away, but I want to be ready before I made a solid decision. I will continue to update the blog on my timeline.

Thank you for reading this morning. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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