Introducing R. R. Willica’s Publishing Adventure

Good Morning!

Two weeks ago I had the idea for a new project. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary as I regularly have new ideas. They do have a tendency to fizzle out and never get anywhere. Something about this project was different. It lit a fire within me that I wasn’t expecting.

Was it the project itself? Maybe it was the fact that July has been an unusual month this year. Then again, it could be the fact that the clock is always ticking and dreams won’t make themselves come true. Whatever the reason, something awoke that has been half asleep for a long time.

I need to try to get published.

As I worked on my project I also began to do research on how to make my dream a reality. I may be disorganized, but I’m a well planned disorganized. The more I learned the more confident I felt.

I can be published, and the people (robots?) at Amazon will make that possible. Writers no longer need to focus on scrambling over the high walls of the publishing houses. I couldn’t afford an agent, which seemed necessary. Sites that turn publishing into a game similar to winning the lottery, pitting writers against each other like gladiators with words, were too depressing for my taste. The stark reality that becoming the one out of a 150,000 (or more) fantasy authors attempting to get published might actually make it isn’t reality any more.

Turning this process into a self-contained adventure with me as the captain at least gives me a chance, however small, to see if my stories will sink or fly.

What’s more, it stirred the bigger beast within: a work I finished writing ten years ago but which desperately needed to be edited. A lumbering giant of 284,496 words, even a Kindle would be too heavy once it was downloaded. I wasn’t able to tackle it before, stuck in that mindset that it was a masterpiece. Not a single word should be cut away, they were all necessary! It can safely be said I’ve shaken free of that belief, acknowledging it would be more of a doorstop than a novel. The story is in there, it just needs to be cut free of the excess.

I’m cutting it into a trilogy and it will be first attempt to see where publishing and eBook will take me. The project that started it all is also still in the works, but is still in its infancy. And here we are, not on day one of the madness but happily day one of this blog.

Now for the important information. R. R. Willica is the name I’m writing under. You can call me R. It’s easy to remember and spell.

I will be publishing on Amazon, and possibly Nook, depending on what I decide on Kindle Unlimited.

The genres I focus on are a mix of science-fiction and fantasy. My trilogy is a mix of dystopian civilization, pseudo science, and magic. Really, I’m not locked into a specific genre, I just write what I feel.

I’m not new to the internet, and therefore until launch day Book One will be the title of my book on the blog. I’ve had a bad experience, which makes me cautious. Just think of me like those friends who are having a baby but refuse to tell you name until it’s born. (I think people have been or have been one of those before, I’ve already met two.)

My goal for launch is September 1st, 2015 with Book One. That’s five weeks and three days away. Considering that the primary focus of my work right now is editing, I feel this is very possible.

If you’d like to follow along and learn what I’m learning, this blog will be updated weekly. I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I will be writing my updates on Saturday mornings. Next week I’ll be discussing the frustrations of cover design.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment.